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Being a Mom

Would we have chosen to have kids, had we known what we were getting into? Absolutely. My husband and I got married young.  We were 22.  We knew we didn’t have life figured out, but decided to take on the … Continue reading

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New Beginnings

Wow… 2012.  A new year is upon us.  Yes, it’s taken me over a week to process that. This particular new year is bringing lots of changes for me.  And I don’t feel ready. Eeeek! I’m not a New Year’s … Continue reading

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A couple of months ago I watched my littlest son learn to walk.  I was humbled by his courage. When infants want to master something, they keep at it until it’s happened.  So when my little guy took his first … Continue reading

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In the Moment

The other day my five-year-old said something simple yet profound.  “Mommy!  There’s no rush.” Hmmmm, let me absorb that.  Mommy, there’s no rush. He was right. We were pulling out of the driveway and I was in a tizzy because … Continue reading

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