About Me

Hi! I’m Christine.

I’m a “glass half full” person. Always have been. I believe in being positive: life is precious, there’s no point in wasting energy on complaints and judgment.

(Not that I don’t ever vent…)

I appreciate honesty, even when it hurts. I believe that every person on this planet has boundless potential. And beauty is all around us – even on the toughest of days – if we look hard enough.

I have an amazing husband, Chris.  We got married right after I finished university. We’ve been together more than half our lives and he continues to inspire me. Especially when his clothes actually make it into the laundry basket instead of on our dresser.

We have two wonderful little boys. One is six. I’ll call him “J.” The other, “B,” is two.  They brighten my every day, even when I’m feeling sleep deprived… which is a lot of the time these days!

I’m a writer and work in communications.  When I started this blog in November 2011
I was at the tail end of an extended maternity leave and craved communicating with adults.  It was rewarding taking time out from my professional life to take care of my littlest one, though now I’m enjoying being  “back at it.”

I love my family and friends. I love hiking. I love travel and adventure, trees, road trips and the wind in my hair. I love the ocean and mountains, and the energy of a big city. Oh, and I love deep belly laughs and spirited conversations.

On the surface, all is fantastic. Great husband and kids, a good job, and supportive friends and family. But I’ve been plagued on and off for years now with the nagging sense that something important is missing. Meaning. Real meaning. You know, “life purpose” kind of stuff.

So this blog is a mixture of all that – positive thoughts, the adventures and misadventures of regular life, and my quest for purpose.


30 Responses to About Me

  1. alexdk3 says:

    Welcome to the world of blogging! Looking forward to reading more.
    Your cuz 😉

  2. Jessica says:

    I’m already loving your blog :). This will keep me on my best behavior as a neighbour too, for fear of being one of your on-line vent blogs. Hehe.

    Great write up of yourself too…a perfect description of who you are as a bubbly and positive woman! Looking forward to growing with you through your blog, and life!

    Jessica xo

  3. Louise says:

    Your my most favorite positive person Christine 🙂

  4. Lisa Rideout says:

    Love your blogs Christine…Can’t wait to read more.

    Your workout buddy Lisa.

    P.S so glad with both made it through last Wednesday (lol)

  5. Hi Christine! Nice to meet you from my Facebook Fan Page. Great blog, philosophy, attitude and energy here. Glad to have you on the team of those who put out positive messages.

    • Thanks so much Kelly! I appreciate your kind words! And I’m pleased and proud to join the ranks of positive bloggers out there.

      I took the opportunity to visit your website and found such a positive, supportive message there. Wonderful to see! I look forward to exploring it further. 🙂

      Please stop by The Brighter Side of Life again soon!

  6. Looking forward to more stories from you.

  7. Erin says:

    I enjoyed your post today about your son. Something to look forward to, I guess! Mine’s only 2 1/2. Thank you for sharing! Erin

  8. Kat Cowley says:

    I love your outlook and positive vulnerability! Your family is lucky to have you as such a bright foundation! I’m new so look forward to reading more 🙂

  9. fivereflections says:

    hello – nice to meet you
    David in Maine USA

  10. Hi Christine. Just stopped by to check out your blog. Did I gather rightly that you folks are from ON? We used to live (for 15 years) near Stratford.
    And you married a Chris, too; that should give for a lot of Chris-crosses! Have a great week.

    • Hi Christine, that’s hilarious – the first time I’ve encountered another “Chris and Chris!” We got teased about our names a lot when we first got together. Stratford is a great area. Haven’t been there for a number of years, but it’s beautiful. Thanks for stopping by!

  11. hemadamani says:

    hi christine, thanks for dropping by. loved your blog. i feel that we share a lot in the way we think that’s why i enjoyed reading a few posts that i did. looking out for more from you..:)

  12. johnandtony1 says:

    Wonderful ideas, Christine. This is a nice start toward your goal of positive accomplishment. If you aren’t familiar with Positive Psychology check it out. I think you are a natural.


  13. Christine says:

    Thanks Tony, I look forward to checking it out!

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