Your #1 Fan

Your No. 1 Fan - guest post from U.R

Today I’m excited to feature a guest post from Kat Cowley of Uplifting Reflections.  Take it away, Kat!

It was no surprise that lady Beyoncé brought the dome down during her Super Bowl half-time performance.  You have to give props to a woman who can wear sky-high stilettos and dance a storm for a crowd of millions.  As the cameras panned on her adoring fans (many of which sacrificed multiple paychecks and vacation days to watch her perform) it dawned on me how emotionally invested people were in Beyoncé.  A person they had never met.

This emotional investment spans to all public figures or icons we admire.  It got me to thinking about how much our society would improve if this emotional adoration shifted to us being our own #1 fan.  Instead of adoring how someone else dressed, danced, sang, acted, or showcased their beauty, we got that pumped up about ourselves.

You don’t need a Twitter following of 100 million or a shelf full of Oscars to be a big deal.  After all, there are plenty of statistics that show us people forget “acclaimed” achievements ALL the time.  (Try naming the last 5 Miss America’s or the last 3 Nobel Peace Prize winners if you don’t believe that).  But EVERYONE can name a friend they can count on to pull them out of a funk, the friend they turn to for a fun night out, or the friend who can light up a room with their presence.  YOU have a fan club – know it or not – you have one.  Why not give due props to what everyone else sees?

Get excited about you.  You offer this world a unique dimension.  You offer your friends a special “character” that only you can fulfill.  You bring love into your relationships that has your specific touch.  No one else can be what you are to people.  Control your self-talk and keep singing those praises.

So, go on with your #1 self.  If you can be that big a fan for someone you don’t know, you can be 10 times that type of fan for yourself.  Let’s acknowledge our own showstopper status, celebrate it and inspire others to be great, too! (Sky-high stilettos optional).

Kat Cowley

If you enjoyed this post, you can find Kat at doing her uplifting thing.

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2 Responses to Your #1 Fan

  1. I LOVED that halftime show, so what a great springboard to thinking about putting that same energy toward ourselves. Thank you for this post!

    • Christine says:

      Thanks for commenting, Dawn – Kat wrote a great guest post! Can you imagine how our lives would change if, instead of being our own worst critic, we took every opportunity to (humbly) celebrate our amazing, unique qualities?

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