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25 Inspiring Quotes

I love unearthing great quotes.  A powerful inspirational quote is  like a wise teacher whispering in your ear.  I find it especially gratifying when I stumble across the perfect quote at just the right time. My list of favourite quotes is long, so … Continue reading

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The Small Stuff Challenge (part 3)

Lately I’ve been thinking more about the little stuff, the simple stuff we can do to more fully experience life, brighten someone’s day or pull ourselves out of a bad mood. In part 1 and part 2 I presented you with a … Continue reading

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Quieting Your Inner Critic

You are amazing. Yes, YOU! Exactly as you are.  Not after completing some task on your life’s to-do list (examples: lose weight, gain weight, get that promotion, spend more time with your kids, take time to call someone you care about, eat … Continue reading

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