Routine or Rut?

My husband Chris and I have been together since we were 18.  We’re lucky – over the years we’ve grown together rather than apart.  It could have gone either way, especially starting so young.

He’s amazing and is my “rock.”  We share a lot of the same interests,  appreciate each other’s quirks and silliness, and work well as a team.  All good things.

But somewhere along the line it happened.  Things became… (gasp!)… comfortable.

When you spend that many years with someone, life takes on a very familiar routine.  And though being “comfortable” is great, the days were running into each other and I almost couldn’t tell one from the next.  (Kids add some unpredictability into the mix, mind you, but I digress).

To be honest, I love all the little things that make our days feel like “us.”  But I felt the incredible need to do something different to shake things up and gain fresh perspective. We agreed it was time to break the routine.  Add some “fun factor.”

So, what to do?  Kind of a great question, really.  If you actually admit you want to add variety to your life, there are endless possibilities out there.  Our approach was to try something – anything – different together.  Big or small, didn’t matter.  The key was to briefly bust out of the “sameness” and share a new experience.

In the end we decided to liven things up by trying something we were both curious about: indoor rock climbing.  It was fantastic!  We got a babysitter for the kids, took a climbing lesson and had a blast.  It gave us a new way to encourage, support (literally and figuratively), challenge and – of course – make fun of each other.

The question now is, what will we try next?

What would you choose to do if routine started to feel like rut?

About Christine

Positive thinker. Writer. Personal empowerment coach. Lover of travel and adventure, oceans and mountains, and the energy of a big city.Oh, and deep belly laughs, sappy movies and spirited conversations. Believer in limitless human potential.
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